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RUN #5

2-5 March 2024. 

RUN #6

9-12 March 2024. 


98 spots available each run.
We have detached the sleeping areas from the playing groups.


Fort Bravo. 
Tabernas, Almería (Spain).


All this tickets offer the same experience of play. And are not bound to a specific group



  • Common rooms of 10-40 people.
  • You will sleep on bunk beds. 
  • You should bring/buy a sleeping bag.
  • There are some showers available.
  • Guests will sleep off-game if they choose this ticket.


  • Common rooms of 10-40 people.
  • You will sleep on bunk beds. 
  • You should bring/buy a sleeping bag.
  • There are some showers available.
  • Guests will sleep off-game if they choose this ticket.

ONLY 1 REDUCED TICKET available if we make one run, there can be more depending on the final number of runs, VIP tickets and donations to the reduced ticket program.

You can donate to the reduced ticket program during signup. For logistical reasons, the donation cannot be reimbursed if you drop out.

Sleeping in a cabin


(Only 35 available each run)

  • You will sleep in a cabin from 3 to 7 people.
  • The ticket includes towels and bed lining.
  • You can sleep on an individual bed, double bed or sofa bed. If you want to share a bed with a specific player, please add this info to your signup.
  • If you play a host and opt to sleep in an in-game cabin you may, after negotiation with your co-players in the cabin, opt to play your host in servant mode in the cabin. The exact meaning of this service will need to be calibrated and negotiated.
Sleeping in a VIP room


(Only 4 tickets- 2 rooms available each run)

  • This is a double room with a Queen sized bed and will only be assigned if both players that want to share the room together buy this add-on.
  • It is a 60m² room that you could decide to use in-game or off-game as it is located in the center of the park.

We can give 6 extra reduced tickets if we sell all of this addons.

Tickets that offer a slightly different experience



(Only 2 tickets available each run)

  • The playthings of the story team, the blank hosts will be programmed to play short characters used to enable plots or may be given a newly created role in the Conscience park.
  • When not programmed as a Western character they may also be used to help the Aleph teams with their tasks, or loaned as servants to premium guests.
  • As there may be some waiting around with less to do than an ordinary host, we are offering this experience at a lower price.
  • If there are last-minute dropouts we might also offer you to play one of these characters available.


Sign up open

This questionnaire will close on 1st June at 19 CEST.

This is not a first come, first served sign-up, please take your time to reply to the questions and you can customize and change your replies until that date . It will be a lottery, but we will prioritize some players to ensure a diverse pool of nationalities, experience in larping and balance in groups.

We will make an initial safety cross-check for all participants starting on the 1st of June and running until the 2nd of June.

We will first run the lottery for the reduced tickets and then the regular tickets. To secure your ticket, you’ll have three days to pay the first instalment (125€) in all cases. 

After confirming your ticket, you’ll receive a casting questionnaire. 

Just for clarification: The tickets (with the exception of the reduced Blank Host Tickets) are not bound to a specific group – the casting (and assignment to groups) will happen in October, when you will receive your character blurb.


  • First payment: 3 days after confirmation of your spot: 125€.
  • Second payment by 5th Jul 23: 50€ (reduced ticket), 100€ (blank host), 125€ (regular ticket), 175€ (with addon cabins), 275€ (with addon VIP room).
  • Third payment by 5th Aug 23: 50€ (reduced ticket), 100 (blank host), 125€ (regular ticket), 175€ (with addon cabins), 275€ (with addon VIP room).
  • Fourth payment by 5th Sep 23: 50€ (reduced ticket), 50€ (blank host), 125€ (regular ticket), 150€ (with addon cabins), 275€ (with addon VIP room).

If you need to make your payment in more installments, please get in touch with us:


In the unfortunate event that you need to cancel the event, our cancellation and resell policy is as follows. Players are not allowed to directly resell their tickets. You need to inform us and we will reach the players on the waiting list. But if you want to sell your addon to another player we can talk about it.

The larp signup fee (125€) is non-refundable.

4 months before the larp, the refundable part of the ticket will be 50% of the total.

If you cancel your participation two months or less before the larp starts, there will be no refunds.

The organizers reserve the right to refuse a participant the right to participate in the larp without giving any reason. In such a case, the full fee will be returned to the participant. The organizers also reserve the right to refuse a participant to continue the larp if said participant makes the larp an unsafe place. In such a case, no refund will be given.


Casting questionnaire:

Once you have secured your ticket for our  larp, we will send you a confirmation email. In this email, you will find a link to a casting questionnaire. This questionnaire is designed to help us better understand your preferences and the type of experience you are seeking.

Casting and character Blurb:

Around mid-October, we will end the casting process and you will receive an email containing your character blurb. This is a concise description of your character.

Full Character Sheet:

We will send you your character sheet by the end of December. This sheet will contain detailed information about your character, including their background, relationships, and any additional game mechanics relevant to your role. The full character sheet will enable you to fully immerse yourself in the larp world and make strategic decisions during gameplay.

Preparation and Familiarization:

Once you receive your character sheet, take the time to thoroughly read and understand all aspects of your character. Familiarize yourself with the larp rules and any specific guidelines provided. This will help you prepare for the immersive experience and ensure that you can fully embody your character during the event.



We won’t serve alcohol in-game, but we will sell it at the afterparty at our bar. We will have an in-game bar where you could buy sodas, energy drinks and coffee or tea.

Water is always free at the game.


We will arrange a charter “larp bus” for those coming by train or airplane; it will depart from Malaga (the international airport closest to the location) on Saturday at 8:00 in the morning and will come back to Malaga on Tuesday around 12 in the morning.


There will be a website that will enhance the robot-human interaction and the interaction between the different company departments. It will always be used as an addition and with the only purpose of helping us tell the story.

All players will need a smartphone, able to run Discord.

Aleph characters will also need a tablet. If you don’t own one, please ask us.

To play the game you’ll need internet on your sim card or you could buy one from us.

The larp experience will be improved with the technology, but it is not based on technology.


The clothes should match the visual style but need not be historically correct. All characters will need a Far West-style costume.

Players can bring their own cap gun or rent one from us (23€). Please note: bringing a cap gun may not be legal if you arrive by plane.

Characters from Aleph will need to wear the official Aleph uniform and will bring a smartphone with headphones and a tablet. We will provide Aleph’s uniform.

Hosts will bring a smartphone with headphones.


The location of the game is in the desert of Tabernas, Almería (Spain). The buildings and facades date from the 60s when Sergio Leone discovered Tabernas and started filming his numerous cinema successes here, turning Tabernas into an instantly recognizable part of the new genre known as spaghetti-western. “For a Few Dollars More,” “Lawrence of Arabia,” “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,» and some episodes of the famous tv shows «Penny Dreadful», «Doctor Who» and «Game of Thrones» were shot in Fort Bravo.

The park is open to tourists during the larp, as it is a year-round attraction. When deciding on the date of the larp, we have taken them into account, but there will be tourists.

During the game, the tourists will unknowingly play members of the One Smile Association, people allowed into the park as a part of the company’s social responsibility program. They are easily told apart as they do not wear Western clothes.

Hosts are programmed to ignore them.

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